VIOLIN CONCERTO N2 for Violin and Chamber orchestra (piano and string orchestra)
Dedicated to Kyrylo Bondar
Duration: 13:05 mins

DUO CONCERTO N3 for Violin-soloist, Viola-soloist and Chamber Orchestra (Flute,Oboe, Piano, two Violins, two Cellos, one Double Bass) in three movements
Dedicated to Bohdana Pivnenko and Ekaterina Suprun
Duration: 14:06 mins

THREE FOLK SONGS for Soprano and String Orchestra, based on the Vasil Barvinsky, arrangement for Soprano and Piano
Duration: 14:06 mins

CHAMBER CANTATA N7 for Soprano and Strings (in three movements), on the poems by Lina Kostenko
Dedicated to Oxana Nikitiuk
Duration: 11:30 mins

VIOLA CONCERTO N1 for Viola-soloist and String orchestra (in three movements)
Dedicated to Andrey Tuchapets
Duration: 14:32 mins

POEM "Sheet from the album" for Viola-solo (or Violin-solo)
Dedicated to Ekaterina Suprun
Duration: 4:48 mins

CHAMBER CANTATA N8 for Soprano and String orchestra or String quartet (in three movements), on the poems by Victor Rekalo
Duration: 12:51 mins

TRIPLE CONCERTO N3 "IN THE OLD STYLE" for three soloists (Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass) and Chamber orchestra (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet in B-flat, six Violins, Piano, Percussion - one performer)
Duration: 120 mins


TRIPLE CONCERTO N2 - "CONTEMPLATIONS" for Clarinet in B-flat, Cello, Piano and String Orchestra
Dedicated to Valery Matukhin
Duration: 13:16 mins

Dedicated to "Revutsky String quartet"
Duration:  17:22 mins


"Anne Of Green Gables - The Ballet" arr./orch. for symphony orchestra, based on the themes from musical by Norman Cambell
Duration: 120 mins


"Four Seasons" for Double-Bass and Chamber orchestra
Duration: 32 mins


"Triptyh" for Two Violins and Chamber orchestra
Duration: 19 mins

Concerto for Cello and Strings "Phantoms of the Past"
Duration: 30 mins

Serenade for Viola (or Cello) and String orchestra or for Strings
Duration: 8:25 mins


Concerto for Violin and Strings: 1. Burlesque 2. Meditation 3. Toccata on the theme "BACH”
Duration: 22 mins

"From American poetry" for Soprano and Strings. On the poems by: Longfellow, Dickinson, Hughes
Duration: 23 mins


"Mourning music" - Concerto for Violin, Viola, Cello and Strings
Duration: 16 mins


"Fantasia" for Violin, Viola and Strings
Duration: 14 mins


"Three German Songs" for Soprano, Cello and Strings
Poems by Irmgard Ross.
Duration: 16 mins


"A talk with an Aquarius" for Viola and Strings
Dedicated to Yuri Bashmet.
Duration: 12 mins


"Four Seasons" for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Strings
Duration: 27 mins


"My Truth" for Soprano, Violin, Cello and Piano
Poems by Valery Afanassiev.
Duration: 18 mins

Sonata for Violin and Piano ("A la recherche du tamps et d'espace perdu")
Dedicated to Evgenia Strenger.
Duration: 16 mins

"Music of the Night" for Soprano, Viola and String Orchestra
Dedicated to Valentin Silvestrov.
Poem by Alixe Gabriel.
Duration: 15 mins


Concerto for Piano and String Orchestra
Duration: 19 mins
Premiere: Kiev, Ukraine, Philharmonic Hall, April 15, 2008, “Kiev Camerata” Chamber Orchestra.


"The Requiem in memory of The Second World War victims" for three soloists: mezzo-soprano, baritone and piano, mixed choir, boys choir and symphony orchestra.
Commissioned by B. Moisevitch B. (France).
Duration: 80 mins

"Symphonietta" for Mandolin Orchestra. Commissioned by Toronto Shevchenko Mandolin Orchestra under Alexander Veprinsky.
Grant from Canada Arts Council.
Duration: 22 mins
Premiere: Toronto, Leah Posluns Theatre, May 2006.


"Two Dedications" for String Orchestra
Duration: 15 mins

Concerto for violoncello and chamber orchestra. Grant from Toronto Arts Council
Duration: 25 mins


"Isle of a Beautiful Illussion"- Concerto for violin - solo, percussion - solo and chamber orchestra. Commission by "Israelievitch Duo"
Duration: 26 mins
World Premiere: New York, March 2005. Juilliard School. Juilliard Orchestra.
Canadian Premiere: Toronto, April 2006, The Toronto Simphony Orchestra under Peter Oundjian


"Sorrowful music"- (sonata) for cello and piano. Commissioned by Shauna Rolston. Grant from Ontario Arts Council.
Duration: 25 mins


 "The Age Of Aquarius"   for soprano, baritone, bass-clarinet, piano, vocal quartet (SATB) and string quartet, text by Alixe Gabriel
Duration: 20 mins


"Three Revelations"   for clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Duration: 25 mins
Premiere: Lviv, Ukraine, October 2001. Lviv Philharmonic Hall, Kiev Camerata

Brazilliana No. 2   for clarinet and strings
Duration: 18 mins
Premiere: Kiev, Ukraine, October 2002, Kiev Camerata


Trio "Revelations"   for violin, cello, piano and narrator
text by Valeri Afanassiev
(written for Julian Milkis, Alexander Kniaziev, Valeri Afanassiev and Veniamin Smiekhov)
Duration: 30 mins
Premiere: Moscow, Russia, December 19, 2001, Great Hall of Moscow Conservatory and St. Petersburg, Russia, December 22, 2001, St. Petersburg Philarmonic

Piano Trio No. 2 "Holocaust"   for violin or clarinet, cello and piano
(commissioned by The Rachmaninoff Trio)
Duration: 20 mins
Premiere: Toronto, Canada, May 2000, The Canadian Chamber Academy

Brazilliana No. 1   for clarinet and strings
Duration: 17 mins
Premiere: Neuberg, Germany, May 2001, Ensemble Del Arte


"Lullaby"   for violin and piano, violin and strings or for clarinet and strings
Duration: 8 mins
Premiere: Moscow, Russia, December 2000, at the Sviatoslav Richter Decemver Evenings Music Festival,
Julian Milkis, clarinet, Vadim Sakharov, piano

"Quiet Music"   for clarinet, viola, cello and harp
(commissioned by The Continuum Contemporary Music Ensemble)
Duration: 19 mins
Premiere: Toronto, Canada, June 1999, The Continuum Contemporary Music Ensemble


"There is No End to My Sorrow"   for symphony orchestra
(commissioned by Jukka-Pekka Saraste and The Toronto Symphony Orchestra)
Duration: 18 mins
Premiere: Toronto, Canada, April 1999, The Toronto Symphony Orchestra under M. Jukka-Pekka Sarraste, Roy Thompson Hall


Duo Concerto   for violin, piano and fourteen strings
Duration: 29 mins
Premiere: Kiev, Ukraine, September 2000, Kiev Camerata

Piano Duo "Carpathian Rhapsody"
Duration: 10 mins
Premiere: Toronto, Canada, June 1996, Yuri and Nelia Krechkovsky, piano, The Glenn Gould Studio


"Elegy of Sorrow"   for violin, piano, narrator and chamber orchestra, texts by Vladimir Nabokov and Joseph Brodsky
(commissioned by The Swedish Philharmonic Orchestra and Gennady Rozhdestvensky)
Duration: 47 mins
Premiere: Kiev, Ukraine, May 2001, Kiev Philarmonic Orchestra


Concerto   for clarinet and chamber orchestra
Duration: 25 mins
Premiere: Kiev, Ukraine, May 2002, Kiev Camerata


Septet   for flute, clarinet, piano and string quartet
Duration: 15 mins
Premiere: Camerino, Italy, August 1991, at the International Festival


Cantata No. 6 "Pasternak"   for baritone and chamber orchestra, text by Boris Pasternak
Duration: 17 mins
Premiere: Kiev, Ukraine, January 1989, Kiev Camerata


Cantata No. 5 "Chornobil"   for baritone and chamber ensemble, text by Pavlo Movchan
Duration: 15 mins
Premiere: Munich, Germany, July 1988, Radio Liberty Broadcast

Triple Concerto   for violin, cello, piano and strings
Duration: 16 mins
Premiere: Kiev, Ukraine, March 1988, Kiev Camerata

"Songs of Slavic Women"   for soprano and orchestra, text by Youri Rybchinsky
Duration: 35 mins


Cantata No. 4 "Michelangelo"   for baritone and chamber orchestra, text by Michelangelo
Duration: 18 mins
Premiere: Baku, Azerbaidjan, November 1989, Baku Philarmonic Chamber Orchestra

Trio No. 1 "Romantic Music"   for violin, cello and piano
Duration: 13 mins
Premiere: Kiev, Ukraine, January 1987, Kiev Camerata


Cantata No. 3 "Isaakyan"   for baritone and chamber orchestra, text by Avetic Isaakyan
Duration: 15 mins
Premiere: Kiev, Ukraine, December 1986, Kiev Camerata

Piano Duo   on a theme of "BACH" Prelude and Toccata
Duration: 6 mins
Premiere: Kiev, Ukraine, October 1986, Kiev Camerata

Symphony "My Ukraine"   for soprano, baritone and symphony orchestra, texts by Vasil Dovzhik, Pavlo Movchan, Vasil Symonenko
Duration: 27 mins
Premiere: Kiev, Ukraine, February 1989, Kiev National Symphony Orchestra


Cantata No. 2 "Pushkin"   for baritone and chamber orchestra, text by Alexander Pushkin
Duration: 13 mins
Premiere: Kiev, Ukraine, May 1985, Kiev Camerata

Symphony for Sixteen Strings
Duration: 24 mins
Premiere: New York, USA, January 1992, Brooklin Pholarmonic Orchestra


Sonatina   for flute and piano
Duration: 5 mins
Premiere: Kiev, Ukraine, April 1984, Kiev Camerata

Chamber Cantata No. 1 "Lorka"   for baritone and chamber orchestra, text by Garcia Lorka
Duration: 20 mins
Premiere: Kiev, Ukraine, March 1984, Kiev Camerata

Symphony for Baritone and Symphony Orchestra
(based on selected works of medieval Japanese poets)
Duration: 19 mins
Premiere: Kiev, Ukraine, April 1984, National Symphony Orchestra

Sonata for viola and piano   for Dmitry Shostakovich, in memoriam
Duration: 19 mins
Premiere: Kiev, Ukraine, January 1984, Kiev Camerata

"Burlesque"   for piano
Duration: 4 mins
Premiere: Kiev, Ukraine, January 1984, Kiev Camerata